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                Take the guesswork out of measuring your radiator. We have over 60 years of experience in dealing with radiators of all shapes and sizes in various locations.  We can work around the tightest of spaces and conceal the most unsightly pipes.  Our trained professionals can come to your home or business, taking away the stress of measuring.


                All covers are custom made in our Philadelphia factory, individually hand crafted for your needs.  Each radiator cover is manufactured with heavy gauge commercial quality steel.  They are completely welded and come fully assembled, no nuts and bolts required.  Insulated lids ensure maximum heating efficiency and allow you to use the lid for your decorative needs. Choose from one of our six baked on enamel finishes that will give your cover a professional and durable look for many years to come. 


                We do not rely on third party shipping companies. One of our experts will hand deliver and install your cover directly from our manufacturing facility. Delivery is done by our trained professionals that handle your cover with utmost care, preventing dings or scrapes. Local pickup is available at our Philadelphia location for customers located outside our service area.

Custom Radiator Covers

We have been designers of affordable, custom-made enclosures since 1945. Place one of our covers over a radiator and you instantly transform an unsightly, dangerous heating element into a safe, attractive and energy-efficient piece of furniture.  

Our covers protect children and pets from hot, exposed radiators. For extra safety, each model features rounded corners and insulated lids that offer a table top display area. Every cover improves the efficiency of the radiator by forcing warm air to circulate through the front grill and into your living zone.  

- CONCEAL unsightly radiators
- CIRCULATE warm air directly into a room at the "comfort zone"
- PROTECT children and adults from exposed, hot radiators
- PREVENT burns and heat damage to draperies and furniture
- IMPROVE the energy efficiency of your home and help lower your heating bills
- INCREASE the value of your home  

•Heavy Gauge Metal Construction
•Completely Assembled and American Made
•All Custom Made
•Hinged Tops for Easy Access to Valves
•Insulated Lids for Table Top Use
•Recessed Grills for Extra Strength
•Four Coats Baked on Enamel (White, Light Alabaster, Alabaster, Brown & Black)
•Optional Louver Grills  

How To Measure
How To Measure

HEIGHT: Measure from the floor to the top of the radiator or the radiator valve, whichever is higher. Add one inch for ample clearance of hinged lid.

LENGTH: Measure from end to end and be sure to include beyond valves and pipes. Add two inches for ample clearance (one inch on each side).

DEPTH: Measure from wall or baseboard to the front of the radiator. Add one inch for ample clearance.    

If radiator is under a windowsill or in  a very tight space, it might need a special back or cut-out.  We provided these at no extra cost to you!      


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