What areas do you service?

Our local delivery area is the Philadelphia tri-state area.  This includes Havertown, Upper Darby, Elkins Park, Glenside, Jenkintown, Ambler, Ridley Park,  Drexel Hill, Norristown, King of Prussia and the surrounding neighborhoods.  We do provide work for customers outside of our local area,  as we have done work for customers from Washington D.C. to Maine. So please contact us for a quote.

Will you come out to my house and measure?

Yes, we offer free measuring, delivering, and installation in the local Philadelphia area in neighborhoods such as Upper Darby, Haverford, Jenkintown, King of Prussia, Norristown. *(minimum order may apply)  We service all of Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware.   We do provide work for customers outside of our local area,  as we have done work for customers from Washington D.C. to Maine.  So please contact us for a quote.

What colors do you have?

White, Light Alabaster, Alabaster, Brown, and Black.

My radiator is in a tight area and I'm not sure if I trust my own measurements.  Will you come out and measure my radiator?

If you are unsure of your own measurements, we will come out, and professionally measure your radiator, so you know that it will have the proper fit.  If you are outside of our local area, please contact us so for a quote.

I have baseboard radiators. Do you make covers for these?

Yes.  We have been making custom baseboard covers for over 30 years, and they are much better than the ones you probably have in your house now.  They are one piece and completely assembled and welded in our factory.  The usual problems of the vents falling off are completely eliminated and will last you for many years without falling off like the ones you can buy and piece together at Home Depot.

I need a cover right away for an inspection.  Do you offer rush service?

Yes.  In most cases, we are able to provide you with a cover before your scheduled inspection or if you need them for a special occasion.  Sometimes in under a week!

I would like to see a cover in person. Do you have a showroom?

While we don't have a show room, you can come in to the factory and take a look at them many covers that we currently have in production.  Please contact us for exact hours of operation.

Can I pick up a radiator cover at your shop?

Yes.  Local pick-up is available at our North Philadelphia manufacturing facility, but all of our covers are custom made so please contact us for the current production time. 

Do you service the New Jersey shore?

Yes.  We go to all of the shore areas, including Margate, Ventor, Longport, Ocean City, and Cape May.

I want to use my radiator cover as a seat, Is that possible?

Yes it is.  Our standard covers are made of heavy gauge metal and can withstand the usual picture frames, flowers or any other knick-knacks that you want to put on them.  If you want to use it as an actual bench-type seat, where people will be sitting on it, we can make what is called a reinforced top.  What we do is weld a heavy steel top underneath the lid, so it can withstand the weight of someone sitting on it or anything really heavy that you would like to put on top.

Why should the top be insulated?

Having an insulated top on a radiator cover serves a two-folds purpose.  One purpose is that it allows the lid of the cover to not get hot, and that allows you to use it as a shelf.  You can place anything you would like on the top of the cover, giving you extra shelf space to help decorate your house.  It also forces the hot air out the front of the radiator, instead of the heat rising directly to ceiling (remember hot air rises and cold air drops.  This actually makes the area that you live in warmer.

I like the bookends on the cover, but I only have room for a bookend on one side.  Can you do this?

Yes.  We can make bookends on either side or on both.  Also, the shelf can be any size that you want.  Usually the standard size is about 10"-12", but it can be made to any size that you suits your specific needs.

I have  a pipe coming out of the wall that will not allow a cover to slide down.  Can I still cover this radiator?

Yes.  This type of cover would need what we call a "Mouse Hole" cut-out.  It looks like an upside U or a mouse hole.  Our covers can be made to fit in any area, even when people say there's no way you can put a cover on that radiator.  We have and will find a way to make it fit.

I have baseboard molding that may interfere with cover.  What can I do about this?

We can put baseboard molding cuts on the back of the cover that will allow the cover to sit flush with the wall, giving it a much better look.  Also, we do not charge any extra for these cuts.  (SEE HERE)

I have seen other covers on some other websites that cost over double what your prices are.  Is there something that I am missing?

We have been making radiator covers for over 65 years.  It is what we specialize in and have been making them the same way since the beginning.  By getting your covers from us, you are cutting out the middle man and buying direct from the manufacturer.  We pass this saving right along to you, the customer.  Our covers can last well over 40 years if they are treated properly and they are built to last.  Good design is timeless is a quote that we like to use, because our covers look just as good today in a refurbished modern home as they did back in 1945 in an original Philadelphia row home.

I see you do not sell wood radiator covers. Can you tell me what the difference is between wood and metal covers?

Sure click here to read a letter I wrote about the difference between the two. 


Things to look for when buying a radiator cover

Do I have to measure myself and trust my own measurements?
How is it shipped? Common carrier where risks of damage are great or personally company delivered?
Company you can trust? We have been manufacturing in Philadelphia for over 65 years and take pride in all of our work.
Does it come painted?
Is it assembled?
Is it made from a heavy gauge metal so that it can last?
Rounded corners?

Cut-outs? How much do they charge if my cover needs a special cut out?

We do not charge nay extra if your cover requires any additional cut outs for baseboards or a mouse hole cut.  And with our professional measuring, offered at no charge to you, you can be sure your cover will fit properly and look beautiful.

A custom fit or one size fits most? 

The best made radiator covers is one that comes completely assembled.  All our covers come completely assembled, with a hinged on lid.

 If you can think of it we can probably make it...


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